Canada #

Canadians are relatively easy to obtain a work permit for the United States, namely, it is easier for Canadians to change their job careers to the United States.

Different Canadian province have difference social environment. For example, Quebec official language is French, which leads to the nessasary of mastering Franch.

Medical Resources #

Hormone and Antagonist Access #

Feedback indicates that it takes at least 2 months to obtain the first long term prescription. Specifically, it takes about a month from the appointment to the first meeting, a month to fill out the informed consent, a month for the second meeting, and if there are no surprises, a prescription is issued, followed by a blood test the first month and every three months thereafter.

In Canada, after receiving the first long-term prescription, it is relatively simple to obtain an extension of the prescription at a school, etc., accompanied by a blood test.

However, there may be cases where some universities are unable to issue a prescription and need to refer to other clinics, in which case there may be unforeseen circumstances, such as waiting times.

Study #

Universities in Canada are primarily public universities. As a result, tuition is much cheaper than in the United States.

Costs #

According to the Statistics Canada, in 2022, undergraduate tuition at Canadian public universities will range from about CAD 20,000 to CAD 60,000 per academic year, while undergraduate tuition at private universities will range from about CAD 60,000 to CAD 200,000 per academic year.1

Financial aid and scholarships are also widely available in the form of government grants, university grants, grants from social organizations, and corporate grants. You can also apply for student loans and pay in installments to reduce the cost of tuition.

Employment #

Canada’s economy is largely dependent on the service and manufacturing sectors.

Data shows that the median monthly salary in Canada in 2022 will be CAD 6,000 (CAD 72,000 per year). 2

Visas #

To be added.

Residency #

Requirements vary somewhat from province to province in Canada. For example, Ontario requires enough money for living; Quebec requires French language proficiency, etc.

Canada basically uses a score system where you can earn certain points by meeting certain conditions, such as a degree from a Canadian university, local work experience, etc.

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